The Importance of Pivoting: How to Make Changes While Still Moving Forward*

The most important tactic I’ve learned to use in business and in life is pivoting — implementing a change of goals, of attitude, of lifestyle, of business plan, while still moving forward. This lecture will cover ways to identify and break out of a frozen mindset; how to stop banging your head against the wall, and just walk around it (or grab the ladder to your left); we’ll discuss “goals,” and how the words we use to define them can be limiting potential or setting us free to grow; and work through strategies that can help keep our thoughts positive, creative, and productive.


Chelsea Clark-Besic

Chelsea was born and raised in Athens, graduated from Federal Hocking High School, and earned her Bachelors at OU.

She forged a 16-year career in the guitar industry — eventually working for two of the world’s leaders in guitar manufacturing. She’s managed repair shops; consulted for small manufacturers; owned her own repair shop, Guitars and Caffeine, in Los Angeles; and was the first female to work as a builder in Fender’s Custom Shop. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and she has spoken at many conferences regarding her business and technical approaches.

In September of 2021 she decided to resign and take a sabbatical from the guitar world. While doing so, she and her family moved back to the Athens area where she now owns and operates her new online business, We Welcome LLC — a welcome box business focused on promoting local artisanal products.


She’s a mom of two, a wife to a professional musician, and thrilled to be speaking at such a wonderful event.


*Session description and bio provided by the presenter.