Curated Introductions

Searching for a specific service, to find a local supplier, or to collaborate on a project? Tell us what you need and we’ll act as a liaison and help connect you to the right people.

Within 3-4 business days of receiving your request, a Chamber representative will reach out to you and then curate a list of members who may meet your needs. We will then send a joint email to you and those members introducing who you are and what you are looking for. The Chamber will then provide you with that curated contact list so that you can follow-up with those members.

Quick Details:

    • This service is only available to current Chamber members.
    • Fill out form below to tell us what type of connections you are seeking within our membership.
    • Please note: the Chamber will only provide the public contact information that each member provides for their membership directory listing.


If you’d like to have the Athens Area Chamber help connect you to other members, please fill out this form and we will be in touch soon!

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