Steel Rods: Defining Your Core Strengths in a Barbenheimer World*

As humans, we somehow carry on. And on. And on again. We do the things. We give to others. We push, we drive, we nurture, and we both succeed and fail in our life’s ventures. But what is it that keeps us going? What is the essence of what makes us…us…in good times, bad times, pandemic and post-pandemic times? Each of us can tell stories about our pasts and share our goals and dreams for our futures. This session will explore the core things that make us who we are NOW, who we were THEN, and likely who we will become eventually within a safe, appreciative, and fun window of shared experience. Join us to discover what you’ve known all along…

Elizabeth Guarino, M.Ed.

About Elizabeth Guarino, M.Ed.:

Elizabeth Guarino, M.Ed., brings extensive experience in Human Resources to her role as team leader for the OHIO Online Career Acceleration Team / OO CAT at OHIO University. She earned a master’s degree in Higher Education with an emphasis in career counseling and management from Ohio State and continues learning via her pursuit of a PhD almost 35 years later at Ohio University. Elizabeth’s professional journey has included Chief People Officer for Raising Canes of Ohio and self-employment in a 15-year consulting practice focused on Human Capital Management. Personally, Elizabeth is stepmom to two sons, an avid flower gardener, and looks forward to her 45th year making homemade chocolate turtles during this Holiday season.



*Session description and bio provided by the presenter.