Implicit Bias

Dr. M. Geneva Murray joined Ohio University as the Director of the Women’s Center in October 2015. She’s a former roller derby girl (Toxic Pink Stuff), who retired into bike riding and front porch swing sitting. Her dog, Roger Rupert Walter Frasier Yoda Puppies, manages her daily schedule. Professionally, she has a background as a museum educator for a national women’s history museum and as the public policy assistant for the Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy, and Action.

This workshop encourages participants to consider their own identity, privilege, and implicit bias. Examples of implicit bias are drawn from the Black Lives Matter and Say Her Name movement, as well as from a critical analysis of the weaponization of white femininity. Participants will build skills that can be applied in analyzing the ways in which bias is displayed in individual actions, media, and through institutionalization in policy. Participants will be asked to commit to action steps to both further recognize their bias and minimize their acting on bias.

Recently rereading an excerpt of Patricia Hill Collins’ “Toward a New Vision,” Geneva was moved to the closing line, “I urge you to examine your position.” While not the most expansive quote it is currently calling her and others to reflect.