Date(s) - September 17, 2020
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


The Entrepreneurship Development Group (EDG) of Athens County, Ohio invites you to join us for the Lunch & Learn Series. Every 3rd Thursday an informative training is organized for local business leaders. EDG is thankful to our sponsor, Area 14 Workforce Development Board of OhioMeansJobs for the opportunity to provide this training for free.

Integrating Recovery in an Evolving Drug-Free Workplace Program

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For decades, employers have used drug testing to identify employees who may be misusing alcohol or other drugs. With increased understanding that addiction (aka substance use disorder) is a treatable, chronic brain disease rather than a character flaw or moral failure, employers have evolved their drug-free workplace programs to offer help to employees who test positive – instead of terminating them. But an evolving drug-free workplace program doesn’t stop there. In this presentation, participants will learn how (and why) employers are enhancing their policies and programs even more by supporting employees coming out of treatment and working to maintain life-long recovery.


This training will be virtual via Zoom platform during the pandemic.