I, We, and Community: Advancing Equity and Inclusion through Individual, Interpersonal, and Collaborative Action*

Inspired by the theme of this conference: Step In, Reach Out, and Lift Up, this workshop uses a series of real-world examples to help participants understand how they can take direct action to drive meaningful advances for equity and inclusion at the individual, interpersonal, and community/systemic levels. By exploring this multi-level approach that starts internally and builds to community-level impact, participants will explore different strategies to empower themselves, amplify and support others, and champion systemic change.


Catherine Esperanza, MPA, Lisa Flowers-Clements, M.Ed, & MaryKathyrine Tran, MS

Lisa, MaryKathyrine, and Cat, collectively, bring more than 50 years of public- and private-sector experience, an array of educational backgrounds, and a multitude of intersectional lived experiences to the table. United in their passion for empowering individuals and groups to utilize active allyship strategies to champion issues of diversity, equity, access, inclusion, and belonging, these three professionals are committed to building sustainable, collaborative change.


*Session description and bio provided by the presenters.