Connected – Finding genuine connection in an overly connected world*

We thrive when we are connected. Whether it’s getting our minds and bodies on the same page, finding a supportive partner and community, finding outlets for our creative identities, or feeling like our work is connecting us and contributing in meaningful ways, connection brings our stories together. And although we seemingly have so many points of connection, why does it feel like we are more disconnected and out-of-sorts than ever?

Let’s talk about ways we may find this valuable connection in our relationships, in our jobs, in our businesses and in our communities, and how this will allow us to thrive, together, connected.

Jessica Kopelwitz

About Jessica Kopelwitz:

Jessica Kopelwitz is a Business Advisor for the Small Business Development Center in Athens, Ohio, along with being the former owner of Fluff Bakery and current owner of The Retreat at Willow Creek.

Jessica and her husband Jason moved back to Athens in the Spring of 2010 to start their adventure in entrepreneurship. They moved to a small farm to assist the family in adding value to a sustainable farm Jessica’s brother-in-law and sister had started. In addition, Jason was asked to join the then small crew at Jackie O’s to be an assistant brewer. Long story short, Jessica had down time and wrote a business plan for Fluff Bakery. The rest they say, is history.

Jessica has her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Business Economics from Ohio University, and her master’s in business administration from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. She is also a Certified Business Advisor and received her certification through Kent State University.

Jessica is also a mom and an ultrarunner and is always looking for new adventures.


*Session description and bio provided by the presenter.