How the Enneagram Can Make You a More Compassionate and Effective Leader, Co-Worker, and Human Being*

The Enneagram is commonly known as a way of describing nine types of personalities, but there is much to set it apart from other assessment tools you may have used. In the brief time allotted, we will be able to just skim the surface of how the Enneagram can lead to deep and meaningful personal and spiritual growth, as well as a deeper understanding of those we lead and work alongside. How might a “one” navigate a disagreement between a “two” and an “eight” in a way that promotes understanding and intent? How can you reframe the anxieties of the “six” on your team so they feel more empowered as a critical problem solver? Knowing more about the types of your team members can lead to more effective leadership and a more supportive workplace for your employees. Be prepared to leave your workday better understood, more compassionate, and with a new sense of clarity.


About Kelly Madewell, LISW-S:

Kelly Madewell, LISW-S, is the Executive Director of My Sister’s Place, a domestic violence program serving Athens, Hocking, and Vinton Counties. Kelly earned both a B.A. in psychology and a Master’s in Social Work from Ohio University, with a three-year stint in between working with chronically homeless individuals in downtown Seattle. In the workplace, Kelly’s interests are focused on creating ways for survivors to pursue the lives and opportunities they envision for themselves, as well as empowering employees in a supportive and sustainable workplace. Over the years, she has found the enneagram to be an important source of emotional and spiritual growth, relevant to all areas of our lives.

*Session description and bio provided by the presenter.