Being Resilient*

This interactive workshop engages participants with the concept of resilience, the ability to bounce back from adversity and to recover quickly from setbacks.

The great thing about resilience is that it’s a skill than can be learned, practiced, and taught to others. Through the practice of resilience we create a shift in our mindset through positive framing when dealing with setbacks and stress. We can let go what we cannot control by viewing setbacks with a learning mindset rather than judging ourselves and others. And we can learn to draw on a reservoir of energy that supports a resilient mindset. During this workshop, you will learn healthy coping mechanisms so that you can quickly rebound from stressful events.

Layla Sweet

About Layla Sweet:

Layla is an executive coach with over 28 years of leadership, management, mentoring, and coaching experience. She is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with experience at the executive level, operations, human resources, education, health care, research, and security. While in the military, she worked with senior officers from over 90 countries in a wide range of operational, strategic, and international roles. Layla is a highly adaptable and innovative strategist with extensive experience in talent development, relationship building, and developing high performance teams. As a coach, Layla practices a transformational approach with her clients. She is certified in several Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development instruments to guide her clients towards reaching their full potential. Layla’s areas of expertise include building emotional intelligence, solving complex leadership issues, managing teams, and leading organizational change. She holds a bachelor’s in Social Psychology, a master’s in Health Sciences-Public Health, and a master’s in Political-Military Affairs Strategy.


*Session description and bio provided by the presenter.