Mitchell Electronics, Inc. has been providing custom designed industrial electronic systems to solve our customers’ unique problems since 1979. Since 1983 we have been offering standard computer based industrial products of our own design to end users and to original equipment manufacturers as components in their products. In 1993 we introduced our first encoder test instrument, the TI-4000 PulsePro. The PulsePro quickly found its way into applications in the repair industry, manufacturing plants, and engineering projects. Soon our customers in the repair field were asking for the same type of support for serial encoders, resolvers, and other servo motor feedback devices. In 1999 the TI-5000 was introduced to meet these customer requirements in repair and plant maintenance. The TI-3000 was introduced in 2001 to provide both repair shops and plant maintenance personnel the ability to test run many types of servo motors with one common drive device. New products, to keep your repair and maintenance requirements as productive and efficient as possible, are always in the works. Come back to visit often to see the latest offerings.



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