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By completing these forms, you are applying for membership to the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce (AACC) and agree to be bound by the Constitution & By-Laws, and Code of Conduct (below) of the AACC now in force or which may hereafter. Membership will automatically be renewed and invoiced annually every January unless written notification is received stating your desire to withdraw membership. AACC provides membership plaques, decals, certificates and/or other emblems to current members as display or use as allowed by policy. They remain the property of the AACC and must be returned in the event of termination of membership.

Athens Area Chamber of Commerce Code of Conduct

The Athens Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors (Chamber) seeks to maintain the highest standards of professionalism among our members. This Code of Conduct  shall, without limitation, require members and all participants of Chamber-sponsored programs to:

  1. Abide by the Bylaws of the Chamber and rules of operation for any applicable programs of the Chamber.
  2. Understand, support, and promote the Vision and Mission of the Chamber and cooperate with fellow members to help to elevate and grow our business community
  3. Respectful communication and behavior to Chamber staff, Board of Directors, committee members, and volunteers is required.
  4. Conduct business and professional activities in a reputable manner to reflect honorably upon the business community and fellow Chamber members.
  5. The spreading of misinformation that undermines Chamber events and programming will not be tolerated.
  6. Observe the highest standards of ethics in rendering services and/or offering products for sale.
  7. Respect the role of the Chamber Board of Directors, staff, associated committee members, and ambassadors.

Members of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce shall recognize that membership is a privilege and that membership brings with it the responsibility to assure that members, member representatives, employees, and associates understand and commit to the following code of conduct.

Please Note: Membership investments can be deductible from income tax as a business expense. Speak with your tax professional for more information.


General Membership Pricing

Each business location will be billed as its own membership based upon number of employees, with the exceptions as listed.

Number of Employees Cost
1 – 4 $200
5 – 9 $250
10 – 19 $300
20 – 49 $400
50 – 99 $650
100 – 149 $1200
150 – 199 $1600
200 – 249 $2000
250 – 499 $2500
500 + $7000


Specific Business Groups
*Please email to see if your business fits into one of these categories

Business Type Cost
At Home Business $120
Civic & Service Organizations
(organizations with zero paid employees)
Individuals (not representing a business or organization) $60
Public Service Utilities $780


Financial Institutions (includes up to 4 locations)

Millions in Deposits Cost
0 – 50 $1000
51 – 100 $2000
101+ $3000