RiskControl360° Work Place Safety Banners 2014

Safety Banner

  • Industry Specific Safety Information
  • Easily Accessible to Members
  • Assists Sponsors to Simply Meet BWC SH-2 Requirements

What is a Safety Banner?

In an effort to help sponsoring organizations to comply with BWC group safety requirements, CareWorks Consultants & RiskControl360° have created a web-based “Safety Banner”. A Safety Banner is a banner (image) that you can post on your organizations website. When your members click on the banner, they will be directed to an industry specific web page within RiskControl360°’s website. RiskControl360° updates the safety links with current industry specific safety materials and articles to fulfill most of the BWC SH-2 requirements and provide safety resources to your members.

Your organization will be able to choose the banner link that best suits the members. The safety banner resources are available by industry: “Restaurant & Food Service”, “Construction”, “Manufacturing”, “Transportation & Logistics”, “Healthcare”, “Public Employers”, “General Industry” or “Multiple Industries”. A chamber/association where membership includes several industries may want to choose the banner “Multiple Industries” to provide access to all industries’ resources.

How to Get Started!

Click “Banners” located on the left hand margin side of the page.

Choose from five (5) banner images by “industry type” that your association/chamber would like to display on your website. The banners (images) are located in the middle of the page on the left side next to the “LINKS” by industry type. (ex: 196X56 PX or 205X152 PX).

Your association/chamber may want to provide a website designer the link to the banner (image) chosen. (Labeled as “LINKS”).

The banner will then be posted on your organizations website. Click on the banner to trigger the Workplace Safety Resource Center page.

For assistance, please feel free to contact RiskControl360°’s, Amy Portis at (877) 360-3608, ext. 2366 or email at aportis@riskcontrol360.com
For more information on RiskControl360° you can reach us at:
5500 Glendon Court, Suite 360, Dublin, Ohio 43016 | 1-877-360-3608 | www.riskcontrol360.com | info@riskcontrol360.com