Hosting a Business Before/After Hours (BB/AH) is a great way to showcase your business and give your full staff an opportunity to network and make connections. For full details on the requirements for hosting a BB/AH event, see below.

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    Business Before/After Hours Hosting Guide


    Why Host a Business Before/After Hours?

    Hosting a Business Before/After Hours (BB/AH) is an ideal opportunity to showcase your business or organization and gives your whole staff an opportunity to network and make connections. We encourage our hosts to use this time to market themselves; popular ways to include attendees in the past have been giving tours, providing menus or brochures, or giving out branded items such as pens or stickers.

    Event Overview Details

    • BB/AH events are held at the host’s place of business, generally on the third Wednesday of each month. BB/AH events are not held in September and December.
    • Business Before Hours runs from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Business After Hours starts at 4:00pm goes to 5:30pm.
    • This is an open-house style event designed for Chamber members to network and discover more about your business.
    • The host business is responsible for organizing the layout of the space where the event will take place.

    Set Up Suggestions:

    • If it is cold or rainy weather, you might want to provide a place for people to put their coats.
    • Generally, attendees spend their networking time standing, but you could have a few chairs around.
    • If your business is difficult to find, or if you want to be especially festive, add a sign or balloon to direct attendees to your business


    Please designate a place for registration, which the Chamber will organize. A Chamber representative will arrive shortly before the event and set up registration. At the registration area the Chamber will provide a sign-in sheet, nametags, and a bowl for business cards. Attendees are encouraged to place their business cards in the bowl and one will be drawn for a free business card-sized ad (Attendee Ad) in the next month’s ChamberGram. Your business will receive a list of attendees.


    • Generally, businesses provide refreshments for their BB/AH events. The food can range from very simple (coffee and donuts, for example) to more elaborate spreads. Don’t forget plates, napkins and forks/spoons.
    • A staple for Business Before Hours is coffee, usually decaf and regular, plus all of the accouterments (cream or creamer, sugar, stirrers, cups). You can add tea and hot water if you want.
    • Please note that as the host of the event, your business takes on the liability for any food and beverages served at the event.
    • Please purchase your food and beverages from a Chamber member business. You can find a list of Chamber member businesses who can provide refreshments online at the Chamber website ( You are also welcome to prepare your own refreshments.


    Some businesses provide a door prize, such as a gift certificate or a business-related item. This is not necessary, however, if you choose to provide one, consider informing the Chamber so we can use it in our advertising for the event – door prizes tend to encourage attendance! And please provide a way to draw a winner at the event.