What a big year for the Athens Farmers Market! On top of celebrating their 50th anniversary and being named as the Number 1 Farmers Market in Ohio by the 2022 America’s Farmers Market Celebration (AFMC), they have more big news — the year-round market is moving to a new location!
Starting Wednesday Nov 2, 2022, all Wednesday and Saturday markets will now be located at the Athens Community Center campus from 9am to 12pm.
According to AFM, “Market booths will be arranged under the solar panels and around their perimeter, backing up to the tennis court green space. The Athens Art Guild’s Art Market is making the move, as well. The Athens Farmers Market, Athens Art Guild, Athens Community Center and city leaders see this move as an opportunity to broaden the market’s positive impact on the region, highlight the AFM’s name as the BEST market in the state and help increase the market’s financial security.”
Once the cold sets in during the winter months (December 3 through March 25), vendors will set up inside the Community Center while some vendors will remain outside under the solar panels.
AFM is excited to move to this permanent, affordable location and they believe the location offers many benefits, including “green space with picnic tables making the market a destination for customers to spend the morning socializing, eating, and shopping.”