Chamber President, Dani Esperanza, was honored to be part of the planning committee that put together the first Non-Profit Executive Director’s Retreat. A full-day retreat at Stuart’s Opera House, this event brought together leaders from a diverse group of organizations that represent a broad swath of local services and resources. Joining the Chamber in planning were over 20 other organizations, including two of our largest employers in the county, previous Chamber Board of Directors, and key community partners.

This retreat was the inaugural gathering to identify, plan, and provide support to the executives leading change and innovation for the future of the Athens area. Dani led a SOAR analysis during the retreat that helped everyone recognize that the business community is supported by the rich community that surrounds us. Witnessing and leading the conversation around the vast shared goals in common amongst these organizations was inspiring to all that attended.

The Chamber looks forward to a continued partnership with these invested organizations in order to continue to weave the rich tapestry of culture, confidence, and pride in Appalachia that is needed to build and maintain a vibrant place where folks want to continue to live, work, and thrive.