Shamrock Auction Services

After almost 5 decades of serving the Athens community, Shamrock Auction and Services will put on its last public auction in October 2022.

Pat and Wanda Sheridan pictured at an auction in August 2020.


Shamrock Auction Service was started 47 years ago, as a result of a keen interest in auctioneering. As a young man, John Patrick “Pat” Sheridan worked and apprenticed under his uncle C.E. “Ed” Sheridan, who had a name for himself in the region. Once Uncle Ed retired in 1983, Pat and his wife Wanda took over his clients and started growing their business. For several decades, while running Shamrock the pair also worked full-time – Wanda with Ohio University, and Pat as a public-school teacher. When they both retired from their “day jobs,” the pair built the business even further, becoming the premier auction services in the Athens area. They’ve built a reputation and family in the community and the business has grown to almost 30-40 auctions a year. Shamrock also serves as appraisers for the Athens County Courts area handling with estates, insurance, and divorces.

Always focused on community and giving back, the Sheridans pride themselves on providing cost-effective services to events and causes that do good for our community, at times even donating their services completely. In fact, one of the last public auctions that the Sheridans will run in be in service to the Chamber at our Celebrate Athens Auction and Dinner on September 15, 2022. (Tickets are still on sale if you would like to catch this dynamic duo in action!)


Shamrock Auction Services has been a fixture in the Athens community for decades, and the services of Shamrock and Pat and Wanda Sheridan will be truly missed. We wish the Sheridans well and hope that they enjoy this well-deserved retirement!