White’s Mill

Perfectly placed on the edge of the Hocking River and one of Athens’ most recognizable landmarks is Chamber Member, White’s Mill. White’s Mill was established in 1809 as a fully functional mill that has been updated, renovated, and rebuilt over the past two hundred plus years. Current Owners, Tyler Schloss and Rodney Dowler, purchased White’s Mill in July of 2016 from previous owners Michael and Margaret Toomey. Tyler and Rodney have a combined 33 years of experience of working at White’s Mill.

White’s Mill provides Southeastern Ohio with a variety of products including lawn and garden supplies, feed, bird seed and bird feeders, dog and cat supplies, and a local favorite, sunflower seeds. They also offer a huge selection from local artisans including jewelry, pottery, candles, floor rugs, and wall art. If they can’t purchase products locally, they always buy American made products.

White’s Mill held a beautiful holiday open house on December 10th and they plan to hold a similar event in the spring that will feature live music and a food truck. Keep an eye out for the date and time of this event!

“White’s Mill has been a Chamber Member since 1998 and Michael always made it a point to continue membership so I am running with his same philosophy. We do appreciate the support with social media in helping to spread information about the products we offer our community,” says Tyler Schloss.

White’s Mill is currently open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. For more information about White’s Mill, please contact Tyler Schloss at (740) 592-1521 and be sure to “Like” their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Est.1809.