I Am Worth Defending!

Rebekah Mendez is the co-owner and manager of One Academy Athens. While it took a few career paths to find the right one, she now instructs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes for all ages and genders and is the creator of the Women’s Self-Defense Program. Her aim in life is to empower others and embrace the belief that we are all worth defending. One Academy is now empowering women across the entire Southeast Ohio region.

Rebekah Mendzez headshot photoThe quote “I will not make myself small,” (by persons unknown) guides Rebekah through life and when Rebekah isn’t teaching or training, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters. Athens holds a special place in Rebekah’s heart as her parents met here as teens and, after some time away, came back to raise her and her brother. Living with her husband, Carlos, two daughters, a cat, dog, and chickens, Rebekah enjoys all the beautiful nature of the region combined with the small town feel of Athens and diversity that Ohio University provides. While she is hoping to travel to new places soon, in the meantime, Rebekah can be found paddle boarding, hiking, riding horses, and raising her daughters to be confident, kind, empowered women who think outside of the box.

The most powerful tool we possess is the ability to set boundaries. In this session, Rebekah will address how to set verbal and non-verbal boundaries and the psychological and physical aspects of self-defense. In the interest of saving time and possible wardrobe malfunctions, Rebekah will showcase several techniques that are covered in the women’s self defense classes at One Academy.

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