Generating Energy

Layla Sweet is an energetic leader with over 27 years of leadership, management, mentoring, and coaching experience. She is an accomplished in Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Practices including assessments, consulting, coaching, training, and facilitating. Her mission is to inspire leaders and teams to realize their full potential in workplaces; one company, one leader, and one team at a time. Layla is a certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor & Coach (EQi 2.0, EQi 360, and EiWorld Team EI); a certified Leadership Challenge (LPI) facilitator & coach, and a Life Coach. Layla also holds course certifications in the following: Negotiation Strategies; Conflict Management; and Program Management. Layla is currently a Strategist with Dynamic Perspectives, LLC.

Layla Sweet headshot photoDriven by the quote “Life will test you but remember this: When you walk up a mountain, your legs get stronger,” Layla is a retired Lieutenant Colonel after 27 years in the Air Force. Building strength is what she did raising two amazing children mostly on her own. Focusing on self-development and leadership, Layla fell in love with Athens as the ROTC Commander at Ohio University and decided to stay and keep her family here after retirement. Layla can be found kayaking or weightlifting when she isn’t reading or gardening.

Layla’s session is designed for individuals to take a deep look at themselves and identify what drains their energy and what creates energy for them. We are a generation of tired people. Now, more than ever, it’s hard to generate enough energy to manage our busy lives. From having too much on our schedules, to relying on fast food, coffee, and energy drinks, it’s no wonder we feel frazzled. The busier we get, the less attention we pay to our health which dramatically affects our energy levels. Before long, we don’t have the energy we need to accomplish our ever-growing to-do list. Sure, paring down your activities can go a long way towards curbing your exertion and make it possible to stretch your energy, but there are also things you can do to increase or generate energy for your busy life. This session is designed to get you thinking about your energy – how you generate it, use it, and help keep you from losing it needlessly. There are discussions that can help you assess your energy and develop a plan to generate high-quality energy that will boost your productivity and increase your capacity to tackle your busy life.

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