Align Your Money With Your Values

Michelle Wilson has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. She founded Athens Impact to deliver a comprehensive wealth management experience to clients focused on ethically and socially responsible investing principals. She earned her Accredited Investment Fiduciary® certification and is one of the first Chartered Socially Responsible Investment Counselors® in Ohio and West Virginia. She also holds FINRA series 7 and 66 licenses. She is an independent fee-only fiduciary and has an office on East State Street next to Village Bakery in Athens. Learn more at

Michelle Wilson headshot photoMichelle lives in Athens and enjoys spending time with her partner, Gil, and being near her children and their families. Her goal is to have a self-sustainable lifestyle by the time she retires. After years in corporate banking, Michelle came to the realization that finding peace in retirement doesn’t mean having the most money; it means surrounding yourself with nature, community, and those you love. Money is simply a tool to help us accomplish the things we find important.

In this session, Michelle will share different ways to incorporate our values into our financial lives without adding a lot of extra strain. We have things that are important to us but sometimes it’s hard to be consistent in our everyday lives. We are so busy! We want to consider ourselves “Socially Responsible”, but what do we even mean when we say that? How can we align our money with our values without doing a lot of extra work? She’ll discuss your 401K at work, other accounts that you have, and even everyday spending. She’ll share ideas on how to incorporate habits into our everyday lives to live in sync with our values. We’ll consider what we are doing to make the world a better place and how we can make a difference by influencing companies to make better decisions using the power of our money. Michelle will discuss how to do this and share stories about the progress that is being made.

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