The Power of “ISMS”

Janice M. Wright is an assistant clinical professor at Ohio University in the College of Health and Human Professionals. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Janice has spent the last 20 years in Athens. She is a certified trainer for the Bridges Out of Poverty program, the Ohio Violence Prevention program, the National Mental Health First Aid program and the Ohio University Diversity Essentials program.

Janice Wright headshot photoAn avid paper crafter and travel lover, Janice created a study abroad trip to Botswana, Africa. An opportunity for graduate students in the school of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences program that has been successful for 7 years, Janice is most proud of this accomplishment. When she isn’t being a roadie for her husband Rockin Reggie, she enjoys time with her six children, 18 grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, dog, three grandcats, and three granddogs. Janice favorite quote is “Be a willow, not an oak.”

The Power of “ISMS” is an interactive workshop that addresses the social power relations in communities through a series of exercises which demonstrate how power differences affect us, how they create conditions conducive to violence and how we can establish “alliances” to become more powerful and create a more inclusive community.

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