“Why” it Matters*

We know there is a need. A need for community members and leaders to work together but why do we do what we do to make it happen? New Leaf Justice Enterprises is growing from the knowledge and need recognized by the Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program and the empathy and compassion of those that surround us. It is the “Why” that makes us get up in the morning. The reason we feel compelled to work hard and for something so important. Hear three women’s stories of passions, visions and mission about a goal that affects many. This presentation will engage all audience members in a thoughtful conversation about “Why” we do what we do to help our communities.


Jen Seifert, Ph.D, Executive Director of the Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program (SAOP) and New Leaf Justice Enterprises; Rene Redd, Residential Services Provider; and Jennifer L’Heureux, Community Outreach Coordinator



*Session description provided by the presenters.