Coaching for Confidence:

The Role of Intersectionality in a Woman’s Career Path

Jen Murphy is a global-speaker, published author, and researcher of women leaders in higher education. Jen is a driven leader, motivated to find creative and innovative solutions, all while building and developing people and teams. She currently serves as the assistant vice provost at Ohio University. With enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial mindset, she leads student success teams and initiatives and brings more than 17 years’ of higher education experience to this new role. She also serves as a career consultant at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. and regularly speaks, trains, and consults for universities.

Most importantly, Jen is mildly obsessed with her two teenagers who demonstrate equal parts self-awareness and snark. She still scrambles to find the time for a run or a hot yoga class. She will happily debate indie-rock through the decades, specifically Radiohead (her favorite band). She earned a BA in Communications, an MS in Counseling, and is a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania in Higher Education Management. She finds inspiration in her current favorite quote “When will there be enough women on the court? When there are nine.” – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Women have faced barriers in their career trajectories, even before COVID-19 upended their already fragile leadership pipelines. In addition, a renewed and important focus on identity and how it interfaces in all environments makes it important to foster and encourage acknowledgement of each person’s intersectionality through career coaching and in business settings. Using current coaching methods but with a new lens, this presentation will utilize a case study format to demonstrate that while there are situations and circumstances that are unique to women, they can’t be approached in the same way. Simply put: women are not a monolith. Based on these insights, this session will highlight how a shift in career coaching can empower and contribute to a woman’s positive self-efficacy, storytelling, and narrative. Lessons learned will be shared that challenge barriers and assumptions women face; especially navigating their career journey and embracing their narrative. Employers will learn how to empower their women leaders by applying these coaching methods to increase their self-confidence.